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Welcome to Taxi Daniel Turnhout
Our company is focused on service, quality, punctuality and a customer-oriented approach. We offer competitive prices without compromising the quality of our services. Naturally all our cars are clean, airconditioned, have GPS and are free from damage.

One of our specialties is airportservice. Are you a businessman, individual, or manager? Everyone can count on us! Of one thing you can be sure of: with taxi Daniël your vacation or trip already starts in the taxi. Because we guarantee a safe and pleasant ride. Do you need help with your luggage? Call upon our driver, who will help you get your suitcases to the check-in. And of course Taxi Daniël gladly picks you up at the airport.
We bring you where you want when you want it inside or outside Belgium (24/7).

Start-charges 7,60 € (including the first 2 Km)
Start-charges at night (22pm – 6am) 9,80 €
Price/Km up to 50 km : 2,30 €/km
After 50 km : 1,60 €/km
Hourly stand-by fee 32,00 €/uur

Antwerp central station : +/- 90,00 €
Antwerp airport : +/- 90,00 €
Brussels airport (Zaventem) : 135,00 € (fixed price)
Amsterdam Luchthaven (Schiphol) : +/- 250,00 €

The prices mentioned above are calculated from region Turnhout.
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